Tips on Parking Overseas

1. Although every country is different, don’t expect to park for free. This is a luxury we oftentimes have in the U.S., excluding most major cities, but even then, you can typically go just a few blocks away to find free parking. 2. In most cases, you may have to pay to park even at…Read More

McDonald’s Overseas American Restaurants

The very first city I had the privilege of visiting was Budějovice, which was the Czech version of a small town roughly 100 miles south of Prague. I was there to meet my friend Melissa who would accompany me on the first leg of my journey. I figured it would help to have a personal…Read More

How is the Food in Czech Republic?

Most of my time in the Czech Republic was spent in Prague, which is where I was able to taste a wide variety of foods. I always tried to order highly recommended local dishes along with the Czech versions of international meals I was already familiar with. The more you explore Czech cuisine, the sooner…Read More

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