McDonald’s Overseas American Restaurants

The very first city I had the privilege of visiting was BudÄ›jovice, which was the Czech version of a small town roughly 100 miles south of Prague. I was there to meet my friend Melissa who would accompany me on the first leg of my journey. I figured it would help to have a personal…Read More

Czech: The Culture of My Surroundings

Czech people seem to be a proud people and hardworking for sure in the center of Europe. This place has been a melting pot of change for centuries, which has added so many influences. These influences have ranged from the far west of England to the far west of Russia and Turkey. I was fortunate…Read More

Czech Republic: The Food Experience

Most of my time in Czech Republic was spent in Prague, which is where I was able to taste a wide variety of foods. I would always try to order highly recommended local dishes along with the Czech version of other international meals I was already familiar with. The more you explore Czech cuisine, the…Read More

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