If you don’t drop in for a visit to Bratislava, which is close to Vienna, you’re going to miss another hidden gem of Europe that does not get enough attention in my opinion.

On the drive to Bratislava, you will see the environment is a pure wonder of beauty. The Danube river and vineyards are love within themselves, and then you get to the city and it is a wonder-lust of fun. I just love the old town area, which is exciting and inviting. If you have a care in the world, this scene of bars and restaurants and cobblestone streets will take them away 🙂. Maybe it is all the universities in the capital that makes it vibe so well with hanging out and being free to enjoy life.

Most Americans miss this city from being on their to-do list, but it’s a must-see-for-yourself city. The Bratislava Castle is absolutely stunning. Thousands visit the castle to get pictures done in its gardens with rose walls and fountains and newly renovated rooms overlooking. It is so pristine with its white pebbles and green flora, you will be wanting more, even measuring other gardens by its clean, classical look. From the castle, there is a beautiful view of the city. I paused just for a second to remember the moment I was there and the feeling of excitement as I toured this city and walked the castle grounds. I’m left with a happy feeling embedded in my long-term memory ❤.

Bratislava is a crown jewel of Europe—maybe not the center, but definitely on the crown. The city is so well decorated with statues and extras. Without effort, you could be adventurous just seeing the nooks and crannies of this town opening up to you like watermelon in the summertime.

Check out the photo gallery from my trip (below):

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