Dubrovnik is by far the most spectacular, beautiful, and magical city in all of Croatia, and probably all of Europe, considering its size. Walking around this port city fortress, with towering steps on either side of one main road, was nothing short of a fantasy.

To never visit this place is to live life without sight.

Dubrovnik has become iconic for its scenes on the HBO series Game of Thrones, and since the show aired, thousands of people now flock to Dubrovnik so they can see its beauty firsthand.

You can see for miles from the towering fortress walls and even look down at the pedestrians and shopkeepers as they go about their day. With so many fine restaurants, bars, and boutiques, one person could easily spend an entire day on just a few streets.

Nevertheless, should you desire other activities, you can venture onto a cruise ship for a short voyage to one of the coastal islands where you can behold the exquisite palaces and delicate gardens.

If a cruise isn’t your thing, then kayaking and boating are only a few steps away. During sunset and sunrise, stop and soak in the moment as wedding photographers, aiming to capture memories to come, snap moments in time.

Just find your own little happy piece of tranquility in this town. A quick hike or short ride up the mountain to see the city lights will leave you comparing them to the stars as they twinkle and dance in the distance.

Did I love this place? Like I love cornbread, collard greens, and fried chicken–YES!

Check out a quick video below, followed by my photos from Dubrovnik.


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