Groznjan, Motovun, and Hum have great mountain views and small gardens and quiet cobblestone streets. You can sit outside and have coffee at one of the cafes right on the edge of the wall in Motovun and just enjoy leisure conversations and read about the history of why the Italian language is priority spoken in some of the towns in Croatia and in this section of Croatia wine country region, which is sometimes refer to as Little Tuscany.

Groznjan and Motovun are so beautiful and picturesque that many local Croatians and Italians take day trips from their cities to these locations to enjoy sweeping mountain views of vineyards and local wines and shopping in a small-town environment.

Hum is so small it holds the Guinness World Record for smallest town in the world. I did not learn that until someone from one of the other two towns told me. It took me only a minute or so to walk the entire town of Hum. I was even able to stay in someone’s home in the town of Hum for a night.

None of these three villages are made for cars to drive around. You will have to park outside the city walls and walk inside each of the villages and take in the culture of a time period that seems to be frozen in the past.

The videos and pictures of these three towns will show the reason why you should never pass up a chance to follow locals’ advice about visiting small villages. They are filled with charm that only they can have.

Yes! Even small towns seemingly in the middle of nowhere are trips worth taking.



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