I love waterfalls and lagoons and travel the world to see them. Have I seen them all? No, but have I seen movies and videos of tons of them? Yes.  Krka National Park takes the cake for me.

The Krka waterfall system is unique in that there are two large waterfalls that you can view from a bridge in front of them at the bottom of this system, and then you can hike up the side of the falls to where the water literally runs through a forest and has several lagoons. All the different streams create the main waterfalls.

This water runs through the woods, taking whatever path it can to get to the river below. There are pools of crystal-clear water teeming with fish.

In order to stay dry, you walk over the streams and pools on a mile-long path through the woods. All the while water and fish flow right under your feet.

The park also has several swans swimming in the waters and there are boat rides available, kayaking and hiking for the outdoorsman or woman.

These are very beautiful waterfall systems ❤

Krka National Park on Video

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