As an avid traveler, I want my daughters to also love the experience of traveling, and oftentimes they’re with me on the road. We’ve covered many miles together and have seen some pretty amazing things along the way. Taking a cross-country trip with children is never an easy feat, so here are a few helpful tips to make your journey with kids more enjoyable:

1. Know their limitations: hiking, walking, rock climbing.

2. Pack good shoes.

3. Snacks are a must.

4. Always plan for plenty of breaks and think about character-building experiences.

5. Kids always want to know, “Are we there yet?” so find at least one way to occupy their minds and educate them during the trip. I taught my girls the importance of interstate mile markers and how they can be used to determine how close we were to our destination or how fast we were traveling. It helped us a lot, so be creative!

6. Tablets are great for watching movies and passing the time during long drives. However, I prefer to educate my girls about practical things we stumble upon along the way. I teach them about cellular towers, mountains, and how roads, dams and bridges work.

7. Be prepared for sickness. Bring medicine for headaches and stomachaches, bandages for minor cuts and scrapes as well as an easy, accessible change of clothes.

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