Did you know that you can save money while traveling by staying at a hostel?

So, what is a hostel?

Hostels offer accommodations and food at group rates.

How does a hostel work?

Unlike hotels where you rent an entire room, hostel rates are rented per bed in a room.

Will I share a room with someone?

Yes. Hostels are much like college dormitories. You share a room with strangers.

Can I choose to stay in an all-male or all-female room?

In most cases, yes, you can choose to stay in a room with all females or all males. However, if you’re renting on the low end, it will be a co-ed room.

Are hostels nice?

Hostels operate much like hotels. There are different variations in terms of price, amenities, and food options. If you’re renting on the lower end of the scale, the hostel will depict the price.

What are the price ranges?

Hostels can range anywhere from $8-$40 a night.

Can I rent the entire room?

Yes! However, you will pay for each bed.

Do Hostels provide food?

In most cases, yes. Some even have cafeterias.

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